I installed this plugin and my site doesn’t look any different

This plugin has a very specific task: It gets some of your Church Community Builder data and imports it into your WordPress database (as custom post types). A developer (or advanced WordPress administrator) will need to alter your theme to take advantage of this data.

Some of my groups in Church Community Builder aren’t being synchronized

You’ll need to ensure your group settings allow the group to be publicly listed. A great way to cross reference if your group is publicly visible is to visit http://your-subdomain.ccbchurch.com/w_group_list.php and see if the missing group shows up there.

Something’s broken! Where can I get help?
I know a bit about WordPress

Head over to the official plugin support forum and please include as much information as possible (what you tried to do, screenshots, versions of things, etc).

I know what’s broken and I want to help fix it

Great! Please send me a pull request on GitHub!

I either want to complain or say thanks! Where should I do that?

You can contact me.