Church Community Builder API to WordPress Custom Post Types

Get Your Church Community Builder Data

What Is This?

Church Community Builder Core API is a WordPress plugin that has one simple job: It synchronizes your Public Groups and Public Events into your WordPress database as Custom Post Types.

Who Would Use This?

This plugin is geared toward Developers, Designers, and Site Administrators who are familiar with customizing WordPress templates.

Can I Install It & Be Done?

Not quite. You'll need to have your Developer or Designer update your theme to take advantage of the data.

Auto Synchronize

Set it and forget it! The plugin works in the background, never interrupting you or your visitors.


Your credentials are encrypted, and so is the connection with the Church Community Builder API.

WordPress Standards

The plugin follows WordPress coding standards and best practices, so it's easy to extend and build upon.

Public Groups
Set your group to be "Publicly Listed" and the plugin does the rest!
Public Events
Get all of the events on your Public Calendar. You can even customize your date ranges.
Free as in "speech" or free as in "beer"? Yes! It's GPLv2 licensed. Don't you love open source?

Want more info? The docs are right here.

I've seen enough. Where do I get it?

Get It From WordPress

Fork It On GitHub